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We’ve looked at some pretty cool work carts before, but these seem to be much more down to earth and functional.  They’re made of structural foam with a steel-reinforced base deck, and they include 6″ industrial casters — large enough to jump small bumps without a fuss.  The basic cart frame is 26″ wide, so it’ll fit through most standard doorways.

Milwaukee offers all sorts of options to let you configure a cart for your particular business needs.  Options include drawers, cabinets, work tables, tank and fire extinguisher attachments, wire reels and even a heavy-duty 2-1/2″ chain vice for securing pipe and conduit for cutting.

Pricing varies widely depending on the options you select, but it’s a lot cheaper than the last cart we mentioned here at Toolmonger.  Milwaukee also put together a great website showing all the different configurations and features.

Trade Titan Industrial Work Carts [Milwaukee]


11 Responses to Finds: Milwaukee’s “Trade Titan” Industrial Work Carts

  1. Myself says:

    This looks pretty sweet, with a lot of thoughtful features like the groove for holding conduit or material while it’s being cut.

    The drawer is an exception, but in general, nobody mounts things to the underside of the top work surface. That’s a shame, because the height of that surface is set to be comfortable, not to provide optimal storage — the space underneath it is taller than it needs to be, which wastes space. I’d like to see options like a “slung under” mount for the extinguisher, which is a seldom-used item that deserves to be out of the way, but still un-buried for easy access. Maybe the ubiquitous “orange gatorade cooler” will find a horizontal incarnation in the shade down there.

    I wish the “red shed” storage area opened from both sides, because I can imagine piling a lot of crap in there and then having trouble getting at it. At least the vise accessory doesn’t conflict with the tank mounts. All in all, this looks remarkably well thought-out, and certainly justifiable for tradespeople. I’m not sure I need a $500 cart just yet, especially with those welding classes looking so tempting…

  2. Eli says:

    Those wheels look like they hate mud. I’ve seen the rubbermaid line of similar form carts used extensively at work. Most people replace the stock wheels with an 8″ pneumatic, which would raise the price a bit. They don’t come with any attachments, but I bet they’re still a great value pricewise compared to this. Course the logo isn’t as cool, and you can’t lock anything up in it.

  3. This one looks pretty solid to me. A good all-arounder. Question now is how much they are pricing it compared to others.


  4. jacob says:

    Does anyone still sell these carts I really want to buy one

  5. ax says:

    I just bought two at auction for 70 each. Before I bought I searched and couldn’t find any sold since 06 or 08. So I think i got a steal. They were used by an electrical contror that went t*ts up; tons of their stuff was at auction.

  6. ax says:

    I wish I would’ve read this post completely much earlier, a bin of pneumatic wheels sold dirt cheap a half hour before.

  7. ax says:

    The carts I bought were well used for many years and the carts seem just as strong as new.

  8. Dana wildrick says:

    I am desperately looking for one of these carts, unable to find it anywhere. I’ve checked all the websites on the Internet and all say discontinued. So can you tell me where I can find one ? Thanks

  9. I just read these posts. I have one in Vancouver that I am willing to sell for $USD 250 if anyone wants it. I have used it as my workbench since I bought it new but find I need a flatter work surface. It is in 9.5/10 condition. If I don’t hear from anyone I am just going to put it on Craigslist.

  10. BJ Radford says:

    I am very interested in purchasing the Milwaukee tool cart. Please email me if still available. Thank you.

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