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We’re not sure hwo they justify the word “custom” in the name, but this looks like a great, reasonably-priced drill press clamp from Fisch.  It fits any drill press with slots or holes and features two quick-release adjustments — one on the bar and one near the clamp head itself.

A rubber pad on the clamp head prevents marring of soft surfaces, and a large oval nut on the bottom simplifies hand mounting.

MSRP is $25, but we found one via Froogle for $20.

Custom Drill Press Clamp [Fisch Precision Tools]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Finds: Fisch’s Custom Drill Press Clamp

  1. James B (tool skeptic) says:

    I dunno. It looks like a workpiece could spin pretty easy under that. For holding down it would work, but if I have a long chunk of aluminum under that with a 1″ twist bit I wouldn’t trust it not to spin if there was some cutting lube on the table.

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