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Lasers = cool, right?  Lasers radiate (get it?) the whole James Bond vibe around the shop. When we pick up the circular saw and it shoots out lasers to tell you what’s going on, the chase scene music from Dr. No starts kicking around in the back of our heads. 

Or not.  Hey, sometimes you gotta keep yourself entertained when you’re making dozens of identical cuts — or drilling dozens of holes, which is where adding a pair of lasers to your drill press comes into play.  They look like one of the elaborate (but easily escapable) machines created to bring 007 to his ultimate demise. 

Oh yeah, they make lining up the bit easier, too.

What the drill press laser actually does is use two lasers to project crossing beams that guarantee precise drill bit placement (read: X marks the spot).  The laser unit mounts to your drill press column and fits most stationary and bench-top drill presses.  Once installed, it needs no further (or so they say) adjustment. 

Hey — secret-agent-style hotness for just $40?  Count us in.

Drill Press Laser [Woodcraft]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Myself says:


    XKCD is comics for your geeky side. Spread the madness. 🙂

  2. Kerry Heaton says:

    I picked up an eight inch five speed drill press with laser sighting for $49.95 at their

  3. Kerry Heaton says:

    BLACK FRIDAY (day after Thanksgiving) SALE. The only assembly was to mount the post to the base and slide the table and head onto the post. The two laser heads and battery pack were already mounted and aligned. It works pretty good and I has very happy about the price when I saw what some folks paid for just the laser.

  4. Herry Keaton says:

    What do you do with an 8″ drill press? I’ve got a 12″ and it’s killing me for being too small.

  5. aluminumati says:

    I want one.

  6. aluminumati says:

    Picked up a sears craftsman version this afternoon for 39.99, even though the sears website said there were none in stock. Well I got one so obviously they had one in stock.

    This item rocks! Initial calibration is easy but takes 10-15 minutes. This little gem makes squaring your press table to the bit simple as falling off a log. I actually used this tool to dial in a specialty mill/drill press I hashed together, details in my posts here:

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