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Today Bosch announced a new series of angle grinders — an upgrade of the existing 1700-series grinders, mostly adding features designed to increase durability and lifespan.  Specifically, the new grinders feature a re-designed motor commutator and brush system to minimize heat buildup and relocated air intakes and exhausts for better cooling.

The 1800 series now draws air from the rear of the tool, pulling it across the motor and venting it out the front.  As you can imagine, this helps to reduce the amount of debris sucked into the tool, which helps the motor last longer. 

All these improvements lead Bosch to claim a 40% increase in tool lifespan over the 1700-series.  The new series will include 4-1/2″, 5″, and 6″ models.  Street pricing for the least expensive starts around $80.


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