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If you don’t already have one of these for your “big” drill, get thee out to pick one up.  You probably already have at least one “quick change” drill with an associated bit set, but if not, you will soon.  The market’s full of ’em, and they’re extremely handy.  But why not allow yourself the option of using them with the standard-chucked tools you already own? 

Quick chuck systems like this one from Snappy get convert your standard 3/8” or 1/2″ hex drill or driver to quick release in a few seconds so you can use bits designed for either type.  Like the ones you see on small drills, quick change chucks consist of a spring-loaded outer sleeve that when compressed rolls a ball bearing down and out of the way to lock into the bit’s groove.  When you release the collar, the spring’s compression pushes the ball up the groove in the shaft and locks the bit into place.  Good stuff if you need to switch bits a great deal or have a set of quick releases that work perfectly for the project at hand.

Street Pricing starts at $9

Quick Change Bit Adapter [Snappy]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Quick Change Bit Adapter

  1. Fletcher says:

    Have a DeWalt set. Pretty handy (keep it a cordless normally used with driver bits, and light drilling.) Don’t know that I’d go totally over to rapid load bits for drilling; the rapid loader doesn’t hold the bits as tightly as a chuck, and I imagine the bits are more expensive.

  2. Myself says:

    My beef is that the adapter extends the already-unwieldy nose of the drill even further. The little iXo2-style derringers are great, because they’re designed from the ground up with a hex chuck, and waste no space.

    I’d prefer to see an actual quick-change Hex chuck that would *replace* my existing Jacobs-style chuck, thereby shaving length off the drill rather than adding to it. The interchangeable chucks on the Festool C12 should serve to inspire many a drill designer.

  3. Sean O'Hara says:

    It’s a custom built template. 🙂

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