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Has the inablilty to turn your home into swiss cheese been keeping you up at night?  Good idea or not, you can put a hole just about anywhere you want one — and attach something to it — with this 300-piece titanium drill Set. 

(No, there aren’t 300 drills in it.  While the “300-piece” bit is a bit mis-leading — think lots of mollys and other expendable attachment pieces — this is still a quite useful kit.

Its titanium coated bits can plow through wood, masonry and most metals.  Once you’ve made the hole, you can then use the set’s wide range of screws and wall plugs to fasten your next project to — anything else.

Other set contents:

  • 7 Titanium Metal Drill Bits
  • 5 Titanium Wood Drill Bits
  • 5 Titanium Masonry Drill Bit
  • 6 Screwdriver Bits
  • 1 Magnetic Adapter
  • 5 Sizes of screws (100pcs)
  • 5 sizes of wall plugs (175 pcs)

You also get a drill saw bit which quickly converts your drill into a multi-function jigsaw or router.  The 300 pieces are contained in a study plastic case suitable for the home or shop environment (read: won’t fall apart the first day).

Steet pricing starts at $19.

300 Piece Titanium Drill Set [As Seen on T.V.]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Finds: A One-Stop Anchoring Kit for Wood, Mortar, Drywall, Etc.

  1. dejal says:

    That looks very similar to something my father bought a few years ago. Same gray color case, same coated bits, same color plugs, etc.

    Every bit I’ve used, broke.

    I swear you can break these bits with your bare hands like a twig.

  2. Myself says:

    And the folks who took the stock photo couldn’t even flick the errant red anchor into its home compartment. 😉

    Yeah, they’re junk, but we knew that. You can tell by the presence of a blow-molded case. Have you noticed the correlation?

  3. bob says:

    Heh … if you’re the type that needs quality in all your tools and sets, when the case has a “hinge” made of flexing thin plastic rather than an actual mechanical hinge, stay away!

  4. James B says:

    Is it me, or are those masonry drill bits only good for about one hole?

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