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Is there such a thing as going too far?  That’s a silly thing to ask a Toolmonger, the answer is almost always no.  So it stands to reason that even the guys out there that haven’t upgraded to newer saws should be able to have digital precision on their saw blade and avoid seeing light between your square and your table saw blade. 

This digital angle gauge coverts all the late-adopters to the new “digital age” with a small tri-corder-looking devise that sticks (via magnets) to the blade of your table saw.  It does require a small calibration to the flat part of the table to find the zero angle first, but after that you can stick and adjust the angle of your miter or table saw as you see fit.

As digital conversions go $40 isn’t bad — especially if you factor in the cost of replacing your old saw for a new digital one.  When “close” isn’t good enough — or you’re not big on the use of uber amounts of putty — accuracy now comes in easy to use 0.01 degree increments.

Digital Angle Gauge [Wixey]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Finds: Digital Angle Gauge

  1. kai says:

    There’s probably a world of other used you could put something like this to, not just adjusting the mitre of your saw blades – $40 then starts to look a whole lot better if you could use it as a regular level as well – with the caveat that you’d need to calibrate it on a perfectly level surface beforehand…

  2. Karson says:

    This tool can also be used to set the fence on a jointer for allowing accurate 90 degrees or anything in between

  3. damian says:

    It’s actually accurate to 0.1 degree not 0.01 as you state in your write-up.

  4. Reza Najafi says:

    Dear Sir,
    hi,I write from Iran.a question:
    can it show the angle whan it moves horizantally?

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