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They cut like a hot knife through, umm, furniture.  OK, so a band saw blade doesn’t cut anything at all like a knife. But Olson’s “All Pro” blades are thinner and stronger than normal bandsaw blades, and they do come equipped with a wicked nasty tooth pattern that’s designed to rip through wood all day long. 

These wood carving blades have a tooth hardness of Rc 62-64 with a tempered back to help with stiffness and to increase cut accuracy.  All Pro blades are also a bit thinner than regular bandsaw blades — .025” vs. .032” — so they also consume less wood when cutting.  Every third tooth on the blade is unset in what’s called a “Raker” pattern, which is best suited to cutting wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals.

These blades are designed for heavy-duty use in furniture manufacturing, as well as fine craft work from DIY woodworkers.  If you’re not cutting steel (and go through a great deal wood cutting blades on the band saw) these might be worth the extra money.

Street Pricing starts at $17 and up depending on size.

All Pro Saw Blades [Olson]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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