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As long as we’re passing along cool online projects today, we thought we’d share another fun fund: Miller Electric’s “Dream It.  Weld It” lists a number of cool projects with step-by-step instructions.  Most of the projects are quite practical, including make-it-yourself tools like a bending brake, a portable weld table, and air tool storage rack, and a trailer dolly.

Each project is rated by “skill level” (beginner, intermediate, expert) and lists “creation time” which generally ranges from one to eight hours on the currently-posted projects.

Our personal favorite is the bending brake, which is a pretty complex project — but seems quite do-able considering the work Miller’s put into their project description.  Besides basic welding gear, the brake only requires a horizontal band saw (or cutoff wheel), drill, and some clamps.  Miller also lists detailed material requirements which you can print out and take with you to the steel shop.

We’re pretty impressed.

“Dream It.  Weld It.” Welding Projects [Miller Electric]


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