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As we’ve said before, we’re big fans of MAKEzine — and subscribers to the mag.  They’ve been posting tons of great halloween projects over the last few weeks, so we thought we’d pass on a few of our favorites to help you find inspiration for your own boo-day projects.

Our favorites this year (in no particular order):

HOW-TO – Make a Captain Jack… O’Lantern
This may be the simplest project you’ve heard of this season…  But you have heard of it.

HOW-TO – Build a Robotic Dalek Pumpkin
No hard-core sci-fi fan’s Halloween’ll be complete without this great little robot.  Just don’t let ’em get out of control and destroy the world…

$20 Halloween Prop
If you’re depressed because you’ve only got a few bucks to spend on your front-yard-scare-fest this year, this post’ll lift your spirits.  This Maker assembled a full-size animatronic “greeter” for just $20. 

HOW-TO – Make a Mr. T Costume
I pity tha foo…  Wait, Sean made me promise not to use that phrase any more since Mr. Baracus got his own new show.  That won’t stop me from putting this costume together, though.

The Jack-o-LED
Here’s one for the electronically-minded, using a 555 timer to blink LEDs.  Take that, candles!

HOW-TO – Build a Coffin (Halloween Prop or Bookcase)
No Halloween party’s complete without a coffin, and these guys show you how to build one that’ll be useful afterwards as a bookcase, too.

If these aren’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, check out MAKE for literally dozens more.  Or heck, just check ’em out anyway.  Good stuff!


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