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While most mechanics aren’t really style conscious — otherwise they’d remember when sleeves like this were popular womens’ workout attire back in the ’80s — they can tell you what you need to wear to protect yourself in the shop. Work boots and shop shirts are the order of the day.  Sometimes, though, you require an an extra degree of protection — like when you’re changing the oil filter on a Miata. 

The damn thing’s way the hell down at the bottom of the engine compartment, and ‘lest you want to jack it up and try to get at it through the wheel well, you’re gonna burn the crap out of your arm — unless you’re wearing one of these 17″ heat sleeves from Mechanix.

Heat sleeves are made of 100% heat-resistant woven Kevlar with “Fibreshield-treated” knit material that repels oil, fuel and liquids.  An elastic bead secures thumb and finger openings, providing a snug-fitting silhouette that allows for comfortable use gloves over the sleeve.

The way we look at it, sleeves are much preferable to burning the living tar out of your forearm on a hot motor.  Sure, the “old motor scar” story is cool, but come on — you’ve got those already.

Street Pricing starts at $25

17in. Heat Sleeves [Mechanix]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: 17in. Heat Sleeves

  1. Harry Zier says:

    These are alsmost as good as sliced bread. I have had mine for a few years and they’re holding up great. They are especially handy for those of us that are flat rate techs that can’t always keep a customer waiting while their car cools off. This model does a excellent job of protecting your arms from hot exhaust manifolds. However, your fingers still get to touch hot stuff. I’m told that lisle has a version with a built in glove. I haven’t seen those but, I would be concerned about losing dexterity. The Mechanix heat sleeves are definitely worth the money compared to the price of skin. Although it is true that chicks did scars, burn scars aren’t real popular.

  2. PeterP says:

    Here are the Lisle gloves:


    I’d rather have separate gloves and sleeves, on the theory that I’m more likely to just want to wear gloves, and why have two sets laying around?

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