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Think you’re not going to drop a bolt on the inside of an engine bay eventually?  That’s about like betting the next pull of a one-armed-bandit will come up all cherries — unlikely.  Why not forego the betting and instead stock up on some tools that’ll help get you out of a bind.  As we’ve mentioned before, a magnet can help. 

The Monster Swivel Magnet can defiantly help save the day when a wayward bolt runs off down a crevice of the engine.  With a 10 lb. lifting capacity, it might also help if you need to pull the Tin Man through a keyhole.

The Monster has a telescoping 22″ to 38″ length that brings its swiveling head to bear even in the bottom of the engine compartment.  Though we must admit: we wonder if the strength of the magnet would become a detriment at some point as the head might stick to the side of the engine, making it difficult to position.  Still, more power is good.  Right?

Street Pricing starts at $22.

Monster Swivel Magnet [EZ Red]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Crispy says:

    The first company that makes a portable electro-magnet version with an on/off switch wins.

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