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The small cordless screwdriver market is in full swing; It seems to be a battle of price and features when it comes to who gets the consumer dollar.  Here’s McCuloch’s entry into the compact cordless arena. 

The McCulloch 4.8 is like most of the other small cordless drivers we’ve seen in many respects:  It has a small profile, comes with attachment bits and, makes about 250 RPM.  As you might have noticed from the photo, the unit’s “claim to fame” is its four part folding hard plastic case that includes 100 (!) bits.  You’re bound to find something useful in there.

The other feature that the unit proudly sports is its price: just $22.  That puts the little 4.8 in contention with some of its competitors of Lithium-Ion breeding as even though the McCulloch doesn’t sport the preferred battery type, we would point out that it is half the price.

4.8v Cordless Screwdriver (w/100 bits) [McCulloch]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: McCulloch 4.8v Cordless Driver

  1. Jason says:

    Keen observers will note that the plastic housing and clutch feature of the McCulloch drill is identical to the Harbor Freight/Chicago Electric $20 jobbie:


  2. john says:

    I need the charger for the McCulloch 4.8v, mod. 7500 screwdriver. can’t find mine! Anyone?

  3. Daniel Miller says:

    Can’t fine my battery pack for my mcCulloch 4.8 v 250 rpm pistol driver drill and I need a nother one and were can i get it ?

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