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Toolmongers Top 5

If you’ve been spending all your time in the shop and haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this last week — shame on you!  You might want to start with these posts:

Finds: Rubbermaid’s Trash Can Dolly
While it seems pretty pedestrian, the truth is: this trash can dolly’ll make your life easier.  Rather than dragging your full ‘can out to the pick up spot — wearing you out and wearing a hole in the bottom of the ‘can — you can just roll, baby, roll.  Commenters suggest some other benefits as well.

Finds: Crescent RapidSlide Adustable Wrenches
Here’s a great (and cheaper) alternative to the Black & Decker AutoWrench.  Instead of adjusting with a wheel, the RapidSlide uses a slider.  It’s still easy to operate quickly one-handed, but it doesn’t require batteries.

Finds: Upholstery Tool Kit
Why pay a fortune to have someone else install your next stereo when you can do it yourself?  We became connoisseurs of upholstery tools back when we were installing grab handles in the back of a Denail pickup.  All it takes is a few basic tools and you’re good to go. 

Finds: Mobile Max Model 2500
This portable saw table lets you convert your existing trusty 10″ table saw into one of the new-fangled portables.  It’s sturdy and looks to be easy to use as well.

Preview: Stanley Proto’s Jumbo Ratcheting Wrenches
Anyone who’s worked under their hood in the last few years’ll tell you: ratcheting wrenches rock.  But what happens once you break the 1″ barrier?  Leave it to Stanley Proto to offer up a set of humongo-large single-ended ratcheting wrenches to save the day.


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