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All the cordless lately in tool releases sometimes overshadows some really cool innovations in corded tools and robs them of proper mention in tool news — like, for example, the Bladerunner circular saw with the Revolver system from Worx

Worx released the Revolver line of swivel grip tools in 2005; The most recent release in the line is their recip saw, which we reviewed quite positively a while back.  The Bladerunner bares the same 60 degree handle rotation that graces the recip, so we imagine it’d be quite useful as well.

The concept is pretty simple: take a hard-working 15 amp, 7.25 inch circular saw and marry it to a swiveling handle.  The saw already provides a good power plant and the grip allows the user to make steady accurate cuts from a comfortable position with a greater range of motion.

It’s a great idea brought to an already essential shop fixture.  Hopefully we’ll get the chance for a hands-on with one of these soon.

Street Pricing starts at around $145.

Bladerunner Circular Saw [Worx]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Bill says:

    The ergonomics are nice but an over-mitre of at least 5º is a must for a good job saw.

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