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We’re always lugging our Rubbermaid Brute trash bin around the shop to get it out of the way of a project — or to carry it out to the big bin to empty it.  But since we ran across this at Lowe’s, we lug no more.  Now we roll, baby.

Sure, it’s a little over priced at $30, but if you move your ‘can around often, it’s a total lifesaver.  And why build one when you can have one that fits (a number of different sized Brute ‘cans) perfectly and does the job?  And come on: How often to you really buy trash cans anyway?

Note: Normally we like to avoid linking directly to a single seller, but in this case Froogle turned up a bunch of prices that were dramatically higher than Lowe’s, so this time we’re just going to link to them.  If you’d like to pick it up elsewhere, just drop it into Froogle for dozens of other retailers.

Rubbermaid 18″ Black Round Dolly [Lowe’s]


4 Responses to Finds: Rubbermaid’s Trash Can Dolly

  1. Rob says:

    I bought one of these to go with my Brute the last time I had to replace my trash can and let me say that it is the best accessory for your trash can. It will pay for itself saving you from replacing your Brute after you wear a hole in it by dragging it along on the pavement. Plus those cans are so much easier to move when they’re full.

  2. Eli says:

    I bought one (and a 44 gallon can) when I renovated my house, and used it to shuttle material out to the dumpster. Made the job a lot easier. Cover your wood floors with 1/4″ masonite or plastic if you do this, as the combo of wheels and ground plaster, drywall, nails, glass, cement, etc. can be really abrasive. Also, if this is the same dolly as mine, it also fits the 18 gallon cans, which make great planters but are difficult to move without the dolly. With it, it’s no big deal to tip them up onto it and repo them, then kick the wheels out from under. The dolly lives in my shop under the can and makes cleanup a breeze. It can folllow me around the entire house.

  3. Eli says:

    I’ve seen them used as the base for creeper stools as well…..

  4. Rick says:

    I’m glad I came across this blog. I bought my brute at Sam’s Club and, of course, they advertised in the store that the dolly can be purchased online at Sam’s club.com. WHat they didn’t say was that it was $44. Lowe’s is by far the best price for this item and it works perfectly. My 32 gallon brute flows effortlessly from one corner of the garage to another and makes setting it out for the trash pickup a breeze. Good find.

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