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Normally we shy away from Tim Allen quips, as we seem to have fallen squarely into his role on Tool Time — no, I’m not Al —  but in this case we can’t pass it up: Tim Allen would call this a 10.5 Amp, 450 rpm eggbeater, and then make manly noises.

Except that you’d need about 200 lbs. of eggs to give this eggbeater a workout. The EZR 21 S Dual-Paddle Mixer is made for some solid use.  No kidding — this thing mixes cement. 

It uses its twin Mad-Max-looking corkscrews to stir heavy materials faster and more efficiently than lower end single screw models — or paddle drill attachments, which is what we’ve always used.  Each paddle is 4-3/4” in diameter with an 8-1/4” working width. The result: a thorough, well-blended mixture when mixing two or more heavy materials, like flooring compound, epoxies, mortars, fiber-filled cements, ceramics and putties.

The blades rotate in opposite directions, eliminating counter-torque and making the unit easier to handle when you jam it into a large bucket of stubborn flooring compound.

It’s also the most expensive eggbeater you’ve ever seen: street Pricing starts at $620.

EZR 21 S – Dual Paddle Mixer [CS Unitec]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. PeterP says:

    I fully expect to see Alton Brown using this to make a souffle at some point…

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