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Pimping your own ride? You’re not going to get far without doing some interior work.  A few weeks ago we found this out first hand when adding grab handles to a Denali. This “simple” mod required taking half the truck apart on the inside.  So if you’re going to be doing this kind of work, you’re going to need the right gear — like for instance a good set of upholstery tools. 

Modern vehicles today have a variety of tuck panels, fasteners and clips that require proper removal lest you break them and find out first hand how much they cost.  (Let’s just say that you really don’t want to know.  Don’t ask how we know.)  When ripping those bad boys out, take hold of a large or small “U” notch or “V” notch trim tack puller and pry… gently. 

Then put your fears and panels to the side and move on to the next victim.

Street pricing for a set like this starts at around $40

Upholstery Tool Set [Vim Tools]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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