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A miter gauge is great for turning your table saw into a miter saw. The only issue can be the inaccuracy of the cuts when shifting or kickback occurs: a miter sled is a more stable way to go.  But the Miter Express takes the miter sled concept a bit further, giving you a stable zero-clearance platform for all kinds of angled cutting projects. 

Incra’s new Miter Express offers any miter gauge owner an extremely accurate cross-cutting and mitering platform.  The Express features two embedded T-Slot channels to secure the included hold down clamps and outboard fence support.  You can also employ the T-slots for mounting your own custom Jigs.

The “Dock and Lock” system securely locks the miter gauge into place with three locking screws that eliminate any side play.  Incra claims that even the least expensive miter gauges will function like a champ when mounted atop the Miter Express.  True or not, we at least applaud the fact that they didn’t leave us out in the cold just because we might not have their brand of miter gauge.

The crosscut capacity of any miter gauge is safely doubled to more than 24″ when docked on top of the Miter Express.  For these extra-large crosscuts, non-drag support is provided by a sliding panel, and the the extra holding power of the hold down clamp adds some needed stability and control when the blade is on the back end of the cut.

Any woodworker will tell you that the accuracy of the cut (and the steady, stable platform that requires) will win you a sharp-looking finished product.  The Miter Express claims to be the answer.  We’d like to see one ourselves.

Street pricing starts at around $149.

Miter Express [Incra]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. We have similar problems ourselves, the freight game is tough these days

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