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logo-best-comments.jpgReader “Myself” posted this great list of links as a comment a while back, and (ironically) because of all the links it contained, our CMS immediately tagged it as spam and dumped it in the moderation queue.

Sadly, we see around 2,500 such messages daily, so it took us a while to get around to moderating it.  So, to Myself: I apologize for taking so long.

Here’s the list:

Ever wonder how those gearless ratcheting screwdrivers work? Stieber makes some mechanisms and explains them with nice pictures: http://www.stieber.net/

Trailer-lights plug wiring reference, for the 4-way flat connector, all the way up to the 7-way round found on commercial and horse trailers: http://www.etrailer.com/faq/wiring.asp

NEMA outlet and plug connector reference. The straight-blade page is good if you have to deal with 20A plugs, and the locking (circular) page will save you a headache if you ever have to make generator cordsets. http://www.stayonline.com/reference-home.aspx

Micro Tools: Itty bitty pliers, screwdrivers, and specialized tools and chemicals for camera and jewelry repair among other things: http://micro-tools.com/

Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalog has long been a favorite around our house. Everything from woodstoves and butter churns to hand-crank drills and apple peelers, this is just a fun one to browse: http://www.lehmans.com/

Kevin Kelly’s cool tools: One of the founding editors of WIRED, this guy has an interesting take on life. To him, a “tool” is anything that helps you accomplish a task, so the category includes books and stuff. It’s incredibly fascinating to browse. Heavy emphasis on bicycling and world awareness. http://www.kk.org/cooltools/index.php

Nice job, Myself.  We use a couple of these references already here, and we’ve tacked the rest on our list.  We’re pretty big Kevin Kelly fans, too.  Thanks again for commenting.


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