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History and experience teaches us that there are many different tools needed both on the jobsite and in the shop: tools for driving fasteners are no exception.  The Bostitch PN100K Impact Nailer is just such a specialty tool, constructed for driving common bulk nails in tight spaces or for nailing off metal connectors and joist hangers. 

Features include:

  • ergonomic design for comfort on the worksite
  • a magnetic nose with recessed nail slot
  • and hardened steel magnetic nose stabilizes nail for accurate placement.

Operation appears pretty simple; Like many other nailing tools it is powered by 100 PSI of compressed air and has an electronic nose trigger that fires when it’s lined up and pressure is applied.

The jist here seems to be that a smaller a smaller more ergonomic answer is better than some of the larger clunky guns that flood the jobsite on a regular basis — at least when space is tight.  We could defiantly see the advantage to a tool like this but wonder also if it offers enough power for larger jobs.  Also, the PN100K looks to carry a smaller payload than standard nail guns in its league, so that may be an issue as well if you’re a professional contractor.

Street Pricing starts at $45

PN100K Impact Nailer [Bostitch]
Street Pricing [Frooge]


3 Responses to Finds: PN100K Palm Impact Nailer

  1. Rick says:

    After my father-in-law’s house burned in 2002, and we had to reframe a good portion of the east side of the house from foundation to roof, I was dying for one of these. Yes, there are big framing guns that will help with that, but anywhere there were joist hangers, or any other type of reinforcement, it had to be done by hand, additionally, when the building inspector made us install fire-stop blocking in the walls spanning multiple floors, one of these would have been indispensible.

  2. TL says:

    I’ve got a similar (probably cheaper) version of this tool. It is litterally my favorite tool for construction projects. Unlike a traditional air powered nail gun, a palm nailer uses multiple strikes to drive in the nail (it sounds kind of like an impact wrench when used). So it takes a couple of seconds per nail, but it is still much faster than using a hammer and my wrists don’t hurt at the end of the day. Street price is typically about $70. Much cheaper than a framing nailer and you get to use cheaper bulk nails.

  3. Rick Bell says:

    I’ve been framing houses for 28 years and anyone who does this for a living , can improve there profit margin with one of these handy little nailers. If you’ve ever had to put in literally hundreds of joist hangers by hand you definitely need one of these little beast’s. If you need to get a nail in a tight spot where a regular nail gun won’t fit, or hammer, if you can get your hand in there you can get a nail in with this. Most standard models can drive up to a 16 penny nail, however adapters can be purchased for up to 6″ nails. This is one tool where you get what you pay for ($25-$100) so if you plan to use it quite a bit I would recommend a more expensive one. There only downfall is that they are quite loud, sounds like a small fast jackhammer.

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