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Here’s an interesting idea: a Dustbuster-style vac with a ten position pivoting nozzle to make it easier to fit into tight spaces and to improve accessibility in high and low places.  Even if you have a shop vacuum, sometimes these little vacs are just the thing to pick up small amounts of sawdust from a quick single cut. 

Besides its interesting schnozz, the Pivot Vac features an internal rechargable 18V battery, whcih Black & Decker claims provides 35% more suction power than their lesser handheld vacs.  Add to that its three-stage filter system and one-step-empty bowl and you’ve got a pretty potent little package.

The unit folds in half for charging and storage, and offers two speeds of operation: high speed for maximum pick up and low-speed for extended runtime.

While we couldn’t find listings for you via Froogle, we did find it for sale via Amazon starting at around $60.  (As a general rule we don’t post direct Amazon links, but a little searching’ll turn it up for you.)

The 18V Pivot Vac [Black & Decker]


3 Responses to Finds: Black & Decker’s 18V Pivot Vac

  1. Myself says:

    Cute! I’m not enthused about anything that describes its dust container as a “cup”, but this looks like an honestly novel concept. It also looks like the bastard child of Mr. Fusion and a piece of medical equipment. New product designs are so delightfully goofy!

    What happened to B&D’s trademark black and orange color scheme?

  2. MrWilliamWallace says:

    When the Dyson handheld was posted last week the comments were being afraid of the looks of the unmanly vac. This one looks a lot a lot less manly(like the previous poster said “cute”) but is still definatly a step up in appearance from a standard dustbuster.

  3. zollie says:

    this guy is no winner it’s a loser

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