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With all the battery/charging systems out on the market today the shelf starts to look like a small electrical city of red and green blinking lights.  (And if you think your shop’s bad, you should see our test bench!)  Each tool with its own battery system and respective charger makes placing a new charger on the shelf the beginning of a load vs. structural stability calculation.  Black & Decker is among the first to at least try and address some of these issues with the FSMVC 9.6v – 18v Multi Voltage Fast Charger. 

It’s capable of charging all Firestorm and Black & Decker spring-loaded style batteries 9.6V through 18V in 90 minutes with a computerized charging system that optimizes charging of battery cells.

This seems like a pretty straight forward approach to the mounting battery charger dilemma in the shop. 

So, if the tools in the shop or at home say Firestorm on them and are between the ranges the FSMVC can handle, then you’re set.  Too bad the other tools in the shop that aren’t labeled with the B&D brand are still stuck in the old grind of too many chargers not enough space.

Multi Voltage Fast Charger [Black and Decker]
Street Pricing [Froogle]

PS: Before you write to tell us, we do know that Milwaukee and others have created multi-voltage chargers.  However, most of these units are designed specifically to achieve backwards compatability for a single battery set — like Milwaukee’s V18/18V set.  The Black & Decker unit spans an incredibly wide range of tools, and seems particularly appropriate for home use considering B&D’s focus on home-use tools.  Hence our interest.


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  1. Mr. Ed says:

    Necroing this old review. or what it matters, this is a great charger. I took the connector off an old battery pack and soldered a couple alligator clips on short, stout wires. I clip these (mind the polarity!) to most any NiCad pack and charge away.

    I regularly recharge my Shark handheld vacuum and my old Sears drill that’s only 6-volt as well as my Firestorn drill batts, even though none of these will physically fit the charging port. If the alligator clip can make good contact, it just works, and all automatic. Plug it in and remove it later when the light glows steady.

    Reminder on the polarity, it will blink rapidly if the polarity is wrong, but apparently it still tries to recharge. I just fried a diode and resistor in my charger today doing just that in DUH moment. An ebay replacement is already enroute, and I’ll try to repair the toasted unit.

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