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Bessey claims these are “America’s favorite woodworking clamp,” and indeed we have seen a number of these clamps appear on various woodworking shows.  We don’t have any personal experience with them (yet), but they look pretty slick  Their large, flat jaws are encased in “super-polyamid” — a plastic-like material that’s supposedly non-marring and glue resistant, yet strong enough to prove durable.  A cold-drawn, profiled steel rail makes holds those jaws together, and a set-screw-based locking system locks them down.

Bessey also claims their “ergonomically-designed” (read: comfortable) wood handle lets you crank in up to 1,000 lbs. of clamping force — about double what you get with most “quick” trigger clamps.  Though no bar clamp’ll ever match the speed and “handiness” factor of trigger clamps, Bessey does try to speed up the clamping process with over-sized threads.  Remember, larger threads equal less turns.

K Body clamps are available in a wide variety of sizes (up to 60″ or more), and you can never have enough large clamps around the shop.  Street pricing varies drastically with size, but starts around $31.

K Body Woodworking Bar Clamps [Bessey]


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  1. james b says:

    I’ve used my two Bessy 60″ clamps on quite a few furniture projects and for the most part like them. Cleaning glue drips off can be a PITA, and they are tricky to get moving and locked in place. But on the plus side they are great for pulling things into square. I’ve used the two I have on one side of a piece to pull it into square, then put some pipe or (cheap) bar clamps in place, and moved the Bessys to another spot to make that more square. They are also the first two clamps I apply when gluing any large panel. The bars are straight enough to press against to keep a panel flat. I’ve used mine numerous times over about six years and they hold up well.

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