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Toolmongers Top 5Sorry we didn’t get this out to you on Friday, but we were loaded down and the weekend started a little too soon.  If you’ve been loaded down, too, and haven’t been keeping up with Toolmonger, we suggest you start with these posts: 

Finds: The Dyson Root 6
A friend of mine tells me that the Root 6 “seems as powerful as your shop vacuum,” but you can carry it around — which makes it sound like just the thing to have around the shop and home.  We haven’t tested one of these in person yet, but you can bet we will soon.

Finds: Grinder Tool Rest
It’s so easy to get hurt using a grinder, but a good tool rest’ll go a long way toward helping you keep control of the item you’re grinding.  As you’ll see in comments, many readers think this’d be pretty easy to fabricate on your own — and we completely agree.

Finds: French Handmade Rasps
Sometimes tools seem like art in and of themselves, and that’s certainly the case with these beautiful handmade French rasps.  The woodwork looks awesome, as does the brass ring around the grip.  But the irregularly shaped and spaced cuts in the rasp itself really steal the show — and cut better than uniform, machine-generated cuts.  This store in Germany carries an wide variety of handmade rasps, and you’ll just have to see them to believe them.

Finds: The Anything-But-Basic Home Tool Kit
Nothing starts a discussion among Toolmongers more effectively than a “basic tool kit.”  We’ve all got strong ideas about what should be contained therein, and we love to express them regularly and forcefully.  We ran across this toolkit in its slick-looking James-Bond-nuclear-weapon suitcase and couldn’t help but post it — but you’ll probably enjoy the comments even more than the post.

Finds: Uvex Bionic Shield
Like with the toolkit above, opinion seems split over this cool-looking face shield.  Love it or hate it, you’ll definitely want to see it.  And it’s pretty cheap, too, if you’d like to give it a whirl.

Next Week (OK, This Week since we’re late posting the Top 5)

Look for the return of “Doh!” of the Week and The Week’s Best Comment, as well as some great hands-on reviews.


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