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I realize that this isn’t something most of you are going to want to run out and add to your tool collection, but it’s such a nice solution to a common problem that I couldn’t help but share it here.  If you’ve ever seen an A&P perform standard maintenance on a light aircraft, you’ve probably seen a 1″ hex oil filter.  Now Snap-on’s created a special 3/8″ drive 1″ ratcheting box wrench just for that special application.

You can see how it works in the photo above.  Your 3/8″ drive ratchet (or torque wrench, more likely) snaps right into the square hole at the right, and the ratcheting mechanism lets you work inside a tight cowling to quickly remove the filter.  Snap-on even makes a special torque chart (part number SS306G) that contains a formula for obtaining the correct applied torque from the manufacturer’s spec when you’re using the wrench.

It sells for $45.95.

Aircraft Oil Filter Wrench, Model AOFW2 [Snap-on: Warning — PDF Link]


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