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doh.jpgWe’ll freely admit it — now, anyway.  This is something we did right here in our shop.  We were replacing a Porsche 944S2 water pump — one of the most frustrating and difficult jobs in the automotive world short of removing, rebuilding, and re-installing an engine.  What makes the job so difficult is the fact that the Porsche’s water pump is located underneath just about everything on the front of the engine including the timing belt, the balance shaft belt, two accessory belts, and a bunch of other stuff.

So, having dutifully removed all this mess — and having suffered through the difficulty of finding #1 TDC on a car with an aftermarket flywheel without markings — we finally got the twelve (!) bolts off and removed the water pump.  Then we installed the seal, bolted it back up, and put everything back on the car — without bothering to check it for leaks.

As you can imagine, when we finally got the whole thing together the next day and filled it up with coolant, it leaked like a sieve. 

Hey, it only set us back two freakin’ days.  But we’re not mad.  Not at all.  We’re sitting in our calm, happy place right now, taking the time to offer you this great piece of advice:

If you’re installing a part that’s underneath half the engine, test it for leaks before you reassemble.

That is all.

PS: Oh yeah, and don’t buy a 944 unless you’re really, really serious about expanding your tool kit.  The word “special tool” appears over 1,000 times in the car’s repair manual — assuming you managed to find a repair manual.


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