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A friend of mine who recently tested one of these described it as “a big-ass shop vacuum that you can hold in your hand.”  As you can imagine, that caught my attention.  We use the crap out of our shop vacuum here — it’s a huge, rolling-cannister type that I’m sure you’re familiar with — and the idea of a small version that’s powerfull enough to actually use as a shop vaccuum sounds pretty incredible.

Dyson claims — as with their uprights — that their “Cyclone” technology offers twice the suction of competing vacs.  We’re betting that this unit offers more than that, as most of the “Dustbuster-style” units we’ve had experience are just that — dust busters.  They’re great for picking up light dust and potato chips from the couch, but you’ll never pick up a lot of metal dust with them — especially if it’s a little sticky.

It also features one-touch emptying, and a 21.6V lithium-ion battery, the characteristics of which we’re sure most Toolmonger readers are familiar with.

We’ll see about getting our hands on one of these for “hands-on” testing, but from what we hear they’re great.  Street pricing (when these hit shelves November 1) will start around $150.

The Root 6 Handheld Vacuum [Dyson]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Finds: The Dyson Root 6

  1. Kai says:

    This looks sensational – from cleaning up around the garage/shed to vacuuming the car.
    I’ve got a larger Dyson vacuum, and although there are other “bagless” units around, the Dyson’s are the original and the best. Hoover made a pretty straight rip-off version of Dyson’s early vacs, and were the subject of legal action.
    Dyson has also made some other innovative/far-out products, such as a wheelbarrow that has a ball instead of a regular tyre so it rides well on soft ground and is more manoeuvrable…

  2. Eli says:

    We have a Dyson upright in the house, and it’s phenomenal, well worth the money. I have to admit I use it to vacuum the concrete out back in the shop if it’s only a little dusty, no bolts. I’ll no doubt buy one in a moment of weakness.

  3. Myself says:

    Don’t you still have to clean/replace a filter, like with other bagless types? The water-bubble Rainbows are the only truly filterless vacs of which I’m aware. What’s the consumables cost on that?

    It’s a cryin’ shame this won’t take standard power tool packs like we all already carry. It looks like DeWalt is the only cordless maker with a respectable vac in their cordless lineup. Ryobi’s otherwise impressive OnePlus system is hobbled with a dustbuster clone, and the other makers don’t even bother. Sad, really. I’d like to do car cleanouts and stairway vacuuming without schlepping a cord all over the place. Not to mention my rented storage unit…

    So instead of hiring the same design firm as “h.r. Giger” Hitachi, Dyson dropped acid and read a bunch of Hugo Gernsback sci-fi. Great. Folks, can you please make tools that won’t get us laughed off the jobsite? I understand form follows function, but the colors! Maybe it’s a case of the boy named Sue. (Btw, for those in the mood for some retro-futuristic flashbacks, look up “tales of future past”.)

  4. Eli says:

    We’ve had the Dyson for about two years, and I’ve only replaced the plug at the end of the power cord, because SWIMBO pulled it across open flame while she was vaccuming……

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