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This appears to be pretty much the king of sonic/laser measuring tools.  It features Stanley’s Tru-Laser measuring, which utilizes a visible red laser beam to help you assure that you’re measuring what you think you’re measuring.  (The built-in 2X magnified viewfinder helps, too, especially when you’re really pushing the limits of long measurement.)  It’ll also automatically calculate the area and volumne of a variety of room shapes for you, including trapezoidal — and it can figure angles directly from measurements as well.

It’s accurate to +/- 1/16″ at 100 feet, and offers a range of 7″ to 600′ — and Stanley thoughtfully included an integrated bubble to simplify horizontal levelling.

If I was a contractor — especially a flooring seller/installer, painter, or the like, I think this would be right up near the top of my list of “must haves.”  Why carry around two or three tapes and do the math yourself when tools like this can do the job for you?

One note: It’s not really priced for the home user.  Street pricing starts around $400.  If you’re just looking to buy some carpet for your house or measure for a fence or deck install, check out some of Stanley’s cheaper versions.  They’re not as feature-laden, but you can step up to sonic/laser measurement for $100 or less.

Surveyor FatMax Tru-Laser Distance Measurer, Model TLM 300 [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Stanley Surveyor FatMax Tru-Laser Distance Measurer

  1. Kai says:

    Had the opportunity to watch a draughtsman measure up a mate’s house recently. No tape measure or anything like that, he just ran around pressing buttons on a unit like this and downloaded the results straight into his laptop. It was amazing how quickly he managed to do it (yet still charged like a wounded bull!)

  2. Eli says:

    I’ve seen the Hilti one in action quite a bit, and it’s super accurate. It’s a bit cheaper, but I’m not sure what calculations it does.

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