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Bench grinders are a great multi-purpose tool in the shop, but with weak or flimsy tool rests (which in many cases aren’t adjustable) can spoil the fun.  The Veritas tool rest mounts to your bench in front of the grinder and provides a sturdy support that you can fold out of the way for freehand grinding. 

This 4″ wide tool rest may be used with 6″ or 8″ grinders and can be adjusted and locked down using lever screw lock type arms located on the side of the unit to achive the optimum angle for your grinding or polishing project.  The rest can straddle wheels up to 1″ in width, is grooved for sliding jigs, and is center drilled for rotating jigs; This allows for a number of stable positions with out fear of the rest moving or coming off its angle.

Street pricing starts at $55

Grinder Tool Rest [Veritas]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Fletcher says:

    A bit pricey, but a good idea. Might fab up a cheap facsimile.

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