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Auriou in France makes some insanely cool handcut rasps, including the sweet curved cabinet rasp pictured above.  We came across them via Dieter Schmid Fine Tools — a German company that hosts a pretty slick website with lots of pictures.  The pictured rasp is available in seven different cuts, and the site iteslf (linked below the jump) includes dozens of other equally unusual rasps.

The site says that handmade rasps’ sharper and slightly irrugularly-spaced teeth make them sharper and longer lasting than machine-made rasps, and we believe it.  If nothing else, the craftsmanship on these products looks to be first class.

Dieter Schmid does offer lots of information on the site in English, and there’s ordering information available for countries outside the EU, like the USA.  VAT is automatically removed from the pricing, so you probably need to give Dieter a call to get final pricing if you’re thinking about ordering.

That said, the pricing of the pictured rasps varies from around 60 euro to 72.5 euro, or about $75 – $90 before VAT adjustments, shipping, and import fees.

Handcut Rasps Made by Auriou in France [Dieter Schmid – Fine Tools]


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