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We use a face shield in the shop — in addition to goggles — whenever we’re grinding.  It’s just so easy for the steel bits flying in every direction to get up under glasses, safety glasses, or even goggles, so the secondary protection helps. 

Our shield, however, seems truly lame compared to this one from Uvex, called the “Bionic Shield.” It looks more like a piece of an astronaut’s helmet than a shop tool.

But its shape isn’t just for appearance.  The “wrap-around” sides provide additional protection from flying debris, and foam attached to the back of the headgear keeps it from digging into the back of your head during prolonged use — the way ours does.  Uvex also claims that it’s still big enough underneath to allow you to wear most goggles and respirators.

It’s available with clear, blue, or green tinted optics, and street pricing starts at around $25.

The Bionic Shield [Uvex]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


13 Responses to Finds: Uvex Bionic Shield

  1. Eli says:

    That kicks ass. I want one. My worst eye injury (notice: not only) was from a piece of flying steel that bounced behind a pair of safety goggles. I had to dress my face like a pirate’s for a week.

  2. Myself says:

    Those behind-the-head straps work great for guys with buzz cuts, but I wear my hair long and it tends to screw up face shields, hard hats, or anything that relies on being able to get a grip on the wearer’s head. Ideas?

    Second question: How do you keep your glasses and shields from getting all beat up? A little damage from impacts during use is fine, but I can’t seem to find a good way to keep my lenses from getting trashed in the toolbox.

    Lately, I’ve been keeping a pair of glasses on a peg over the workbench, and my portable pair occupies a padded pocket in the toolbag, which works but I’d prefer to use a box than a bag. Safety glasses are too bulky, and too curved, to fit the soft pockets you might use for corrective eyeglasses.

  3. Kai says:

    Something like this is great whenever you think you just need some safety goggles. I was cutting a whole heap of limestone tiles with a diamond wheel in an angle grinder recently, and this would have made everything a lot easier. As it was, with just the goggles and a respirator, the respirator was up over my nose, and the goggles couldn’t sit over my eyes properly so even though they are pretty much full wraparound goggles, I still had a couple of bits of stone make it past them. Luckily, none of it made it into my eyes, but I had to work a lot more carefully, and slowly than I could have otherwise.

  4. James B says:

    I keep a pair of safety glasses stuffed in an old (yet clean) sock to help keep them from getting scratched up so bad.

  5. PeterP says:

    Looks like it would fog up really easily…

  6. Rob says:

    I’d like to get one of these to see how well they work. The typical shields I use are just cumbersome and lend themselves to not being used. I’ve been retrofitting one of my old welding helmets with double clear shields to use in the same way (4×6 window) for comfort reasons (I have another one I use for welding).

  7. Crispy says:

    What if you’re a mouthbreather like me? I wonder how well those things resist fogging up. Makes me want to get a cheap Jason Halloween mask and glue plastic lens to the eyeholes.

  8. Jason says:

    Have any of you mouth breathers tried applying the anti-fog stuff divers use? Rain-X also makes an anti-fog application designed for windshields.

  9. Gordo says:

    Wow, that looks amazing. Fog, I can deal with. My current shield collects a static charge and collects dust. I haven’t found a solution yet.

  10. Sonya Smallwood says:

    I need to find a local dealer for this product please. We are located in Gainesville, GA. Thank you.

  11. Big Jim says:

    That shield is not only cool looking but itll save you a trip to the emergency room .works awesome when gringing all day long keeps your face cool and the sparks away.

  12. Bandit Gordon says:

    This thing looks freakin’ awesome. I hate using normal face shields… they’re uncomfortable and stuff usually winds up getting around them anyways. I just ordered one. Maybe I’ll post a review on my website when it comes.

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