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Eastwood’s offering a nice price on this 50 lb bottom-feed abrasive blaster right now.  One thought: Though they’re advertising it as a way to “get started abrasive blasting for just $99,” but that’s not entirely true.  As anyone who’s done any abrasive blasting can attest, you’ll need media and protective gear as well.  Thankfully, they have some pretty decent deals on those as well.

The blaster looks like a good unit, especially considering the price.  The bottom feed types (like this one) are, in our experience, much better than siphon-feed types.  The little box-style blaster we keep in the shop is a siphon type and you’re always having to worry about the feed tube.  We understand that with larger units like this you have to constantly shake the tank to keep them feeding right.  Bottom-feeders also blow more media, which makes them work more quickly; Eastwood claims this unit cleans rusty metal about five times faster than a siphon blaster.

We included a listing for a sandblasting hood Eastwood offers for $40 as well, and we suggest you buy your blasting media locally.  Why pay a bunch to ship 50 lb of glass? 

50 lb Pressure Blaster [Eastwood Co.]
Deluxe Sandblasting Hood [Eastwood Co.]


2 Responses to Deals: Eastwood’s $99 Pressure Blaster

  1. Jake says:

    Anyone have some good reasources to go to about abrasive blasting? I’m repainting a handful of bike frames and have some other projects it would help with. After sanding one frame, I’m reading for something that’s less mind-numbing.

  2. Fletcher says:

    Yeah, I’d be interested in any pearls of wisdom some of you experienced media blasters might wanna drop (got a `68 Mustang we’re denuding.)

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