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We seem to be finding a lot of tools from the new breed of “inventor consolidators” companies out there recently.  This one caught our eye: It’s a four-wheel, fold-up, aluminum dollie that looks to be pretty handy for moving heavier items when space is tight.

It seems to work pretty much like a standard dollie in that you lean it up (lifting the rear wheels off the ground) to get it under the item.  Once you tilt the item back, the rear wheels end up on the ground ready to hadnle the item’s weight.

FasCap claims a 250 lb. capacity, and the unit folds up into a 13-1/2″ x 14-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ space — which is pretty darn small considering what you can do with it.

Street pricing starts around $80.

Speed Dollie [FasCap]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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