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Bench Dog makes a number of slick tools for woodworkers, and we’ve written about a number of them before.  This one’s just as cool: It’s a semi-circular shaped tool that grips your saw blade to simplify changes — and reduce the possibility of warping the blade in the process.

The idea behind it is simple: The Blade-Loc replaces the old piece of scrap wood you usually use to hold the blade during changes.  Not only does it protect your hands, but it’s also grips the blade evenly around the semi-circle, so it avoids warping the blade.  As Bench Dog says, warps like that can cause issues when cutting delicate materials.

It fits all 10″ table saws, and street pricing starts around $10.

Blade-Loc Blade Changing Tool [Bench Dog]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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