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Toolmongers Top 5What a week!  If you’ve been out in your shop and haven’t had the chance to keep up with Toolmonger, we suggest you start with these posts:

Hands-On: Gearwrench’s Serpentine Belt Tool
If you’re just wrenching on your daily driver, you’ll probably only install a serpentine belt once or twice in the life of the vehicle.  But if you’re doing something like an engine swap or a major overhaul, you may find yourself removing and installing the serpentine belt numerous times — as we have with our project Yukon.  This tool rocks, moving the task from “major PITA,” to “no big deal” with ease.

Finds: Dremel’s EZ-Lock
Dremel’s really been on the move lately, bringing some great new products to market.  This one’s one of our favorites: No more screwing cutting wheels down to the old mandrel (after trying to find the little screwdriver and such).  With these new mandrels and wheels you simply push and twist. 

Finds: Stanley’s New FatMax Trigger Clamps
As one commenter stated, “You can never have enough clamps.”  And these clamps in particular are handy around the shop.  The jaws close three times more quickly than standard trigger clamps, moving almost an inch closer with each pull of the trigger.  That means you spend less time trying to hold everything in place with one hand while you close the clamp with the other.  You can also move the “small jaw” to any place on the bar so you don’t end up with the bar sticking up in your face when you’re clamped on something small.

Finds: HoverMower
Love it or hate it, the HoverMower is pretty darn interesting.  Readers commented saying that this has been around in Australia and the UK forever, but it’s only recently appeared here in the states.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

Finds: Dual-Blade Tenon Cutters
If you’re building log furniture, you’ll want a set of these.  They make cutting tenons easy as pie.  A little window in the side lets you see how deep you’re cutting, making the whole process a lot quicker.

Next Week

We finished up the Project Yukon engine swap this week, and it’s running and driving.  We’ve still got some tuning to do, as well as a few little issues to resolve, but look for a big post next week covering the rest of the installation.


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