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For some reason, we can’t stop looking at awesometools.com.  Don’t assume this is a good thing; Whenever we visit the site, we feel kinda like we’re rubbernecking at a traffic accident.  Their latest offering is the ThumbSaver — a device that holds a nail for you so you can’t accidentally whack your thumb.

Let’s start with the facts: It’s 7-1/2″ long and they claim it’ll hold a huge list of nail and screw type fasteners.

The question we can’t help but ask is, “Do you really need something like this to keep from hitting your fingers?”  Seriously — it only takes a little practice to avoid busting your fingers, and if you’re at all serious about making long term use of a hammer or a drill/driver, you might as well go ahead and learn.

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can check it out at the link below, and you can pick one up for $12.95 + shipping.  Just be warned: You’re likely to end up back at that forsaken site over and over again.

The ThumbSaver [awesometools.com]


7 Responses to Finds: The ThumbSaver

  1. Myself says:

    For $13 I’m sure most of us could glue a magnet into the notched end of a pipe or dowel. The cheapskates among us will continue using pliers. 🙂

  2. Fletcher says:

    I’m with Myself on this one (wow, that reads oddly); If I was really concerned about whacking myself with a hammer, I’d use pliers.

  3. And for little fiddly tacks and pins and stuff, you can use a piece of paper or card.

    Poke tiny nail through paper, start nail, rip paper off nail, finish driving.

  4. Me says:

    And if you are an inexperienced hammer user, the cardboard might help prevent dings from the hammer blows that miss the nail head.

  5. Rob says:

    Hammers? Who’s using hammers? 😉 And of course this won’t work with stainless either.

  6. Myself says:

    Pliers work nicely for nonmagnetic fasteners too…

    Awesometools is interesting, though. I like the no-kink garden hose stent, that’s clever. And you’d never know it was there… The noodlehead sprinkler just looks too weird to ignore. I want one and I don’t even water stuff!

    $70 is a bit steep for the motion-sensor sprinkler, though. I guess I ought to put my soldering iron where my mouth is, and finally hook that old PIR sensor element to a solenoid valve. I’d love to plant some corn next season, but the squirrels are guaranteed to eat it all unless I can provide some serious deterrence. Garden-raiding rodent, meet tool-using ape.

  7. Well... says:

    My dad has been a framing and remodeling carpenter and contractor for over 25 years now and he is actually the one that invented the Thumbsaver…while trying to fit a nail into a 45 degree angle joist hanger (guns won’t fit) for the thousandth time and busting his thumb, he decided to come up with the tool. Trust me it is much easier to use than a peice of paper. We aren’t by any means saying that is replaces nail guns, but there are just alot of spots that you can’t get into with guns, or even fingers…just ask a plumber or electrician. But, we are actually finding that the people who like the tool the most are Do-It-Yourself men and women or older folks who have arthuritis, or failing eyesight, the tool allows them to do small things arround the house like hang pictures and do craft projects. Everyone is entitled to thier own oppinion and I know that there are plenty of folks who won’t like this idea, but running across this site I felt like saying something in our defense. Cheers.

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