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Recently when we passed by a local construction area we saw one of these in action. I stress that we saw it and not heard it. Some of you may know how loud drilling into concrete or using powder charged anchor bolts can be.  Generally speaking, it can be heard in the next county.  That’s not the case with the T3SS.

The Ramset T3SS is a fuel cell powered, gas actuated fastening system.  It provides the user with a safe, completely portable way to fasten to concrete, hollow block, pan deck and steel with a broad range of fasteners without the need to change power levels or loads.

The T3SS  is simply a one cylinder engine that uses a fuel cell to provide power.  Its fuel cell provides about 1000 “shots” of compressed gas out to the engine to drive the fastener. Because of the even distribution of power for each shot, the tool requires no adjustments to the power or load to drive through almost anything you can think of.

The Ramset does also require a small battery pack that when fully charged can dish out around 3000 “shots” to power the electronic pressure sensitive tip. 

One of the unit’s most thoughtful features is a foot at the bottom to position the tip at 90 degrees at all times to insure a straight drive of whatever type of faster you are using.

The Ramset website has a few excellent videos that demonstrate how easy and quiet the T3SS is.  We were impressed with the total portability of the system and the ability to drive into metal and still suffer no kickback.  The real test, will come if we ever get a hold of one of these things in the shop. We have the feeling that we will have the burning need to drive a great deal of fasteners into anything not already nailed down.

Street Pricing starts at a hefty $670 for the starter kit including a fuel cell and a battery /charger.

T3SS Gas Actuated Fastening System [Ramset]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Ramset T3SS Gas Actuated Fastening System

  1. Myself says:

    I think you mean “…into anything not already nailed down.” 🙂

    So let me get this straight: It delivers a precisely measured dose of propane from a convenient package. It uses battery power to sense firing conditions and deliver a spark to the combustion chamber. And it has a bad-ass trigger.

    If I had $670 to blow, my next spud-gun would already be half built…

  2. jeff k says:

    I service these Ramset Trakfast tools, they are really cool. Actually an internal combustion engine. Sometimes its like working on an old car! Had a unit last week with a bad spark plug boot, the spark was arking out just like my old pontiac tempest. I liked your comment on the noise. I have had some customers that were not allowed to drill during the day because of the noise, but shooting was fine!
    One other note, these units do not require licensing like the powder tools do!


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