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It’s almost October, which means Halloween’s approaching quickly.  When you were a kid, Halloween was all about the costumes.  As an adult, it’s all about the parties.  And of all the holidays — save, maybe, Christmas — Halloween seems to demand the most elaborate decorations and parties.

But no matter how elaborate the decorations, they mean exactly squat if you don’t have an exquisitely-carved pumpkin.  Well, Dremel’s here to help.  This year they’re again offering their cordless pumpkin carving kit — an inexpensive, battery-powered, two-speed rotary tool complete with bit, instructions, and even templates.

Not that you’ll use the templates, mind you.  Sure, it’s only going to last for a week or so, but that’s no excuse not to exercise some true art.  Let the kids make a simple face while you try out something much more complex — like scenery complete with 3D shading created from the shadows cast by the candle.  Seriously, try it!

We’ll see if we can’t scare up some artistic guides before the big day for you.

In the meantime…  The kit’s tool runs of AA batteries so it doesn’t require a charger.  It operates at two speeds: 6,000 and 12,000 RPM.  And, it comes with a #191 high-speed cutter, which Dremel says is the best for the job.

The whole kit streets for right around $20.

Cordless Pumpkin Carving Tool [Dremel]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


5 Responses to Finds: Dremel’s Cordless Pumpkin Carving Kit

  1. Myself says:

    Or scour eBay for the “golf cleaning kit” or the “pet nail trimming kit”, which feature the same body molded in different translucent colors. They include different accessories, but really, what Dremelmonger doesn’t already have a drawer full?

    To me, this is a handy addition to my AA-powered arsenal: A small, two-speed 1/8″ rotary tool, that doesn’t require an outlet OR its own proprietary battery pack. The inexorable progress of NiMH AA capacity means it’ll only be more capable a few years from now, too.

    This is a big thing with me. I won’t buy a camera that takes proprietary batteries. The Olympus line that can run from CR-V3s or AA’s are fine, but the Sony InfoLithium system is right out. Personally I carry a Canon S2 IS, and I always know I have two spare sets of batteries in the car. They’re the same rechargeable AA’s that run my flashlight, my GPS, my yet-unbuilt Mintyboost, etc. Fancy lithium is no good if you’re away from the charger!

    Likewise, I won’t buy a small power tool that takes a proprietary pack, if the job could be done just as well from standard AA’s. If I could just find a small screwdriver (in the vein of the iXO / SmartDriver) that’ll run from the same fleet of batteries! Ponder: When’s the last time you saw a solar panel charger made for your favorite cordless tool brand’s proprietary pack? My mini-mag’s second backup batteries are on the windowsill, waiting for the sun to come up…

  2. Steve Thompson says:

    When I was a kid my folks and I painstakingly and with utmost care (and gobs of Miracle Grow) nurtured a pumpkin patch to produce half a dozen or so pumpkins up to 5-6 ft n diameter. I’ll never forget the mess it made come Halloween and we had to attack it with my dad’s 2-speed Craftsman portable jig saw (you remember – with the cast metal body and big bakelite knob on the top).

    Power tools and produce…cool.

  3. Myself says:

    Steve, please tell me you’ve got pictures of this! (But I thought the pumpkin-eater was named Peter! No, he’s a different poster entirely!)

  4. BoomGuy says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting one of the mini mite jrs for my portable needs. I don’t expect it to work with everything but there are some attachments I want it to work with.

    It’s not clear from the pictures whether or not they have threaded collars for attachments. So sdomeone who owns one, do they?

  5. Q says:

    The Minimite line does NOT have the threaded collar. If you look closely at the pic above, the body is all one piece (technically two, but no collar).

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