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doh.jpgA friend (who’ll remain nameless here, but can own up to it in comments if he wishes) shared this with us over the weekend.  When we heard it, we knew we had our “Doh!” of the Week.

In a hurry to clean up his apartment before a guest arrived, he noticed that there was some black stuff on his gas range’s burner grates.  When the standard cleaner didn’t get it off, he tried some WD-40, forgetting that the pilot lights were still on.

Poof!  Instant fire.  Lesson learned: Turn off the pilot lights before cleaning a gas range with explosive chemicals.

After last week’s “Doh” — dropping an advil on your foot — other readers wrote in to share similar experiences where they moved something heavy without first thinking it through.  Some of their objects of destruction: a motorcycle and a transmission.

Thanks to everyone who owned up to their mistakes this week.  If you have the guts to fess up — and we publish your entry here as our “Doh!” of the Week — we’ll send you something from the tool pile.


6 Responses to “Doh!” of the Week: Cleaning Your (Pilot-Light Equipped) Cooktop with WD-40

  1. Joe Brown says:

    You would think that an editor at popular science would know better, but we all screw up sometimes. Hey, at least I didn’t run over my dog with a belt sander.

  2. PeterP says:

    Ahh, fun with fire. There was the time I was wiping up spilled citronella oil from a lit torch and got the rag i was using a little too close to the flames. That was exciting.

    I’m not sure anything tops trying to light some charcoal using 151 proof rum. We had used the last of the actual lighter fluid, which didnt manage to light the charcoal. So we poured about a cup of 151 on top of the already warm coals. When I threw a match in, the resulting fireball rose about 3 feet over the grill and managed to singe all of the hair off of my arm. Lesson learned.

  3. Mike (aka Murphy'sSidekic) says:

    “After last week’s “Doh” — dropping an advil on your foot…” I didn’t think that a small aspirin-sized pill falling on my foot would hurt so much, but boy was I wrong!

  4. Rick says:

    Ok.. that just reminded me of a doh of my own.. Can’t believe I didn’t remember this one as it was fairly recent.
    My in-laws have an old bbq that has one of those piezo ignitors. You flip the switch and it sparks, lighting the gas. The ignitor as since gone south, but before it did, it began to only work sporadically. Clearly on its last legs. Well, I turned on the gas, and started flipping the switch.. I hit at least 7 or 8 times in a bit over a minute. I thought, hmm.. maybe it’s lit and I just didn’t hear it. So I decided to check.. Well, instead of lifting the lid and NOT continuing to hit the ignitor, I did both simultaneously. Well, THIS time it worked. The gas that had accumulated under the lid came out in this mushroom-cloud-like ball of fire. Like Peter, it singed every hair on my forearms and my right hand. On the plus side, it also singed some orphaned hanging threads on the front of my polo shirt. It could have been much, much worse. In fact, if it was my father-in-law who is about 5’3″ (I’m 6’0″) I could safely say his mustache and eyebrows would also have been pretty “curly” from the singe.

  5. Steve Thompson says:

    Same applies around the gas fireplace. Don’t try to touch up the painted metal surround “real quick.”

  6. Dave M says:

    Love the blog!!

    I feel for the guy that dropped an advil on his foot.

    He should take a painkiller for that…

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