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MAKE just sent out the fifth round in their new Tools-N-Tips email, this time focusing on tips related to food and cooking.  Our favorite: An easy kitchen counter mod (pictured above) that lets you scoop food scraps right into the trashcan below.

As Arwen O’Reilly points out, “This could also work well with a compost bucket below.  Simple and brilliant!”  Right on.

Check out the Tools-N-Tips site at Make for more information about the above (and other) cool items, or better yet just sign up for the newsletter yourself and let them deliver it right to you.

Speaking of food, it’s lunch time.


One Response to MAKE’s Tools-N-Tips, Round 05: Too Many Cooks?

  1. Steve Thompson says:

    I love cooking, and have often thought of doing something similar with the butcher block counter tops I installed several years ago. I’ve seen this on a TV cooking show where the hole had a plug that was obviously the saved cutout from the countertop hole. However, the plug was cut like a cork, tapered at the bottom, with just a finger hole cut in the center (it was a little larger in diameter than what is shown here). I’d be interested to know if anyone has any thoughts on the best way to cut a tapered hole, saving the plug, and minimizing the look of the access hole that would be necessary with a jigsaw or similar tool.

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