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Controlling wood dust in the shop is a major concern.  If you do a good job of it, clean up is a breeze.  If not, it’s a major PITA.  And tools like the Dremel Stylus make keeping your work area clean even harder because they remove tons of wood quickly and efficiently — turning it into tiny dust particles that go everywhere

That’s why this tool caught our eye.  It’s essentially made of two large-ish computer fans in a box with a filter.  It draws up to 500 cu-ft/min of air from your work through its filter, putting the dust in the filter instead of all over you. 

It’s a bit expensive, starting around $179, but still seems like a good idea.  Better yet, why not make one yourself?  Computer fans are easy to source as are DC power supplies.  All you’d really need to do is shape the box correctly to accept filters from an existing source — like the semi-HEPA filter in most modern shop vacuums.  I’d imagine that something like this could be assembled for more like $50 instead of $179 — and less if you have a good parts stash around.

Street Pricing: Power Carving Dust Collector [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Power Carving Dust Collector

  1. Raelx says:

    How about a 19″ box fan for $10 and a pleated furnace filter, $1. Tape or strap the filter to the back of the fan and instant 3 speed dust trap.

    Good for small spray paint projects to catch over spray too.

  2. PeterP says:

    Plus, when you are done sanding, you can use the box fan to make beef jerky.

  3. Steve Thompson says:

    Heh. Funny, I’ve done the box fan and beef jerkey thing (a la Alton Brown). Quick description (as if you need it) and picture of the home made dust collector here:


    Although for $179 at least it’s shiny!

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