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We stumbled across this deal at National Tool Warehouse — someone we’ve never heard of but might give a shot if we needed some tape measures: Four “Titan” brand tape measures for $11.79.  It includes 12′, 16′,’ 25′, and 33′ tapes. 

We can’t vouch for the quality of the tool or the store, but we’re always on the lookout for inexpensive tools — especially the ones that our non-Toolmonger friends like to borrow (read: pilfer).  If anyone has any experience with this company or these tapes, drop a comment and share with the rest of us.

4 pc. Getta Grip(tm) Tape Measure Set [National Tool Warehouse]

Update: We also found the same deal at Northern Tool & Equipment, which means you could probably pick these up from their brick & mortar stores if one’s near you.


One Response to Deals: Four Tape Measures for $12

  1. Steve Thompson says:

    I saw similar tapes in the bargain bin at my local Pep Boys last weekend. Not the 4 for $ price, but they had a 25′ and 12′ (I think, I know one was 25′) for about 8 dollars and the 33′ tape for about the same price by itself. A little more expensive, but available locally. I bought the pair to throw in my junk drawer – occasionally I think my cat empties stuff out of my junk drawer in the kitchen and stockpiles that stuff somewhere – or sells it on eBay for catnip money – so it always helps to find cheap spares.

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