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What do you do when you need a lot — and we mean a lot — of torque in a place where you don’t necessarily have power or air available?  Kevin sent us a tip about a tool he used on nuclear-powered aircraft carriers while in the Navy that’ll fill that bill perfectly: the Swench Wrench.

It’s a spring-loaded impact wrench.  As you turn the wrench, it stores energy by loading up a spring inside its head.  Once you’ve turned the wrench about 30 degrees, it suddenly releases the spring, powering that energy back into the bolt or nut.  Kevin said, “When three guys and a four-foot cheater bar couldn’t free a bolt, we brought out the swench.”

Kevin also said that their website is a bit cheesy but worth a look; He’s right.  Their “little” model 625-50 cranks out 500 ft-lbs of torque, and their Goliath model 1500 spins up a whopping 7,000 ft-lbs.  Now that’s some torque.

Pricing’s a bit whopping, too.  The 13-5/8″ long 625-50 goes for $612, and the massive 39″ (to 60″ with extension handle) 1500 runs $4,400.  Then again, it sounds like some of Swench’s prime buyer is the US government, who probably doesn’t flinch at this kind of pricing.

Yeah, it’s a bit expensive.  But if we could afford one, we’d have one.

Swench Manual Impact Wrenches [PowerHawk]


23 Responses to Finds: Swench Manual Impact Wrenches

  1. PeterP says:

    Just a followup, I called Swench and they do not make a “home” version of these at all. Hopefully this thing will come down in price to where a weekend mechanic could make use of it, but I suspect that they are comfortable in their niche for the moment.

  2. Steve Thompson says:

    Sounds similar to the impace wrench used on the Space Shuttle. They may not have a “home” version, but I wonder how much the “orbit” version is?

  3. Rob says:

    Wow! These are really cool but for the price I could get a pneumatic impact AND a compressor!

    • SCWetherbee says:

      Sorry, but a good compressor large enough to run a good impact wrench would take every bit of that $600 and the impact wrench would cost $150 minimum.
      On the other hand, the compressor and impact would be more versatile, but not portable.

      • John says:

        It takes a good compressor to run an impact wench continuously, or for multiple people. But any little pancake one will run it for a little while. The little compressor I got with my brad nailer stores enough air to remove all 5 lugnuts from a wheel. It certainly takes care of any job I have with a single nut or bolt. And if it takes several minutes to press up again that’s not a problem for me.

    • William Curtin says:

      This thing will put any pneumatic impact to shame……………….

  4. brent says:

    i just bought a old modal #500 swench wrench at a garage sale it is awsome

  5. ken says:

    I bought a 750 from a military surplus after it came out of an auction.
    I was suspicious when I had to pay out $20, but it works freely. I gave $35 each for the impact extension and dual sized impact socket!
    Now I can finally change the blowout on my RV?:~)

  6. PeterP says:

    I have a model 750 swench for sale. I have had it for years. Works great. Selling price is $200.00. No sockets.

  7. Jeff Rapp says:

    I have a model 750 Swenth set to sell.
    The 4 point Torque wrench, sockets and open end renches.

    I want to sell it all.

  8. Rony says:

    i need adapter 1-1/4″ female to 1″ male

  9. omar says:

    I have a used Swench Model 750 and 1000, with most, if not all of the accessories. What would be a good asking price?

  10. Jeff Glenn says:

    I have a Model 1000 Swench wrench and would like to find a parts manual and schematic of it. Any one know where I might find these items? Surely would help me. Thanks Jeff

  11. jeff witte says:

    I have a used 625 with a 5″ extension and 7/16 to 1 1/16 wright tool impact skt set in original tool box I want to sell. what should I ask for it?

  12. john says:

    I have a kit, Swench Curtis Wright Flight Systems, model 1000.. wrench, 25 sockets, extensions,and accessories

  13. Ricky Fain says:

    omar; How much do you want for the 750 & 1000 swench ?

  14. Dave says:

    Looking for a swench 750 or 1000. Please email me.

  15. Tim reeves says:

    Looking for a model 625-50 swench wrench. I have the models 625-625 5/8″ square drive and the 1000 1″ drive. The 1/2″ unit would complete my collection.

  16. Capt rick says:

    I am looking to buy a swench 3/4-1″ drive with sockets
    401-458-1503. Capt rick

  17. tooltime says:

    FOR SALE! ORIGNAL CURTISS WRIGHT ‘SWENCH’ 1 INCH DRIVE MODEL NO. 1000! Vintage SWENCH (spring-loaded manual impact wrench)LIKE NEW! great working condition looks almost new!

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