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As we’ve said before, picking up some basic framing equipment helps deliver custom framing from the hands of the rich to the hands of the poor (read: us).  Even if you don’t want to assemble your own frames, you can save a ton by cutting your own mattes and glass.

Besides a matte cutter, you should also have at least one art deckle ruller in your basic framing toolkit.  They help you make those great-looking torn (“deckled”) edges perfectly.

Trust us, no matter how you think you can just tear an edge — or just “rough it up a bit” — it’ll always come out looking ratty instead of “artfully torn.”  Just invest in one of these suckers and you’re good to go.

And we know you’re probably thinking, “Why are you telling me about this girly stuff?”  Answer: Making your house look good isn’t girly!  Be secure in your manliness and do it right.  They start around $20.

Street Pricing: Art Deckle Rulers [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Art Deckle Rulers

  1. dannbot says:

    a born do-it-yourself-er like me would just get a ruler and a grinder and “artfully’ grind up an edge, bust out the dremel and debur the edge, and then do me some tearing….also, the waterjet at work has steel supports to hold the sheetmetal that end up very ragged, rusty, and simular to the shapes on these rulers. a bit of cleaning up, and a new tetnus shot, would essentially produce the same effect.

  2. Raelx says:

    Yeah I agree this is definatly something you can make really easily. Given that you will likely have to order on, you can save a bunch of time and money. I bet everyone has a few extra rulers laying around just waiting for a use!

  3. Chuck Cage says:

    dannbot/Raelx: Send us the pix of your finished homemade version and the tears it makes and we’ll post it!

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