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The Test Rig

Believe it or not, it’s more difficult than you might think to come up with something that weighs 750 lbs that’ll a) fit on top of the X-Workshop and b) not require you to be too close to it when you load it in case it happens to fall.  After some thinking it came to us: water.  Lots of water.

To find out exactly how much we’d need, we turned to our trusty Machinery’s Handbook.  (We wrote about the latest edition — the 27th — a while back.  If you don’t have one of these, ask your family for one for Christmas.  It rocks.)  On page 422, we discovered that water’s density is equal to 1 kilogram per liter.  This is, of course, affected by temperature as warmer water expands ever so slightly such that water weighs less by identical volume as temperature increases.  However, the change is only about 0.29% from 39.1 (water’s most dense point) to 77 degrees (about the temp of the coldish water from our outdoor hose). Therefore we didn’t worry about trying to determine or maintain a specific temperature.

So, how much did we need?  Google says 1 gallon = 3.7854118 liters and 1 kilogram = 2.20462262 lbs, so:

3.7854118 x 2.20462262 = 8.35 lbs / gallon

750 lbs / 8.35 = 89.8 gallons

That didn’t sound too bad, so we called around a bit and located two 55 gallon epoxy-lined steel barrels — you know, the same kind they ship chemicals in and make BBQ grills out of.  After dragging them back to the shop, we used our trusty 125 lb. strain gauge — the same one we used for the AutoWrench tests — to weigh the barrels.  Despite their size and durability, they each weighed only 14 lbs.  Best yet, they fit perfectly on top of the X-Workhorse.

post-xw14.jpg  post-xw15.jpg  post-xw16.jpg

Adding together the 110 gallons of water plus the 28 lbs. of barrels, we were ready to place up to 946.5 lbs. on the unsuspecting little X-Workhorse.  Now comes the fun part — loading ‘er up.

The Test

We placed the first barrel on the X-Workhorse, dropped the hose in and turned it on.  It took quite a while to fill up the barrel, but we could measure progress easily by feeling the temperature of the side of the barrel.  The water was cool while the barrel itself was warmer from sitting out in the sun while we got everything set up, so we just felt for the cool line to see where things stood.

post-xw17.jpg  post-xw18.jpg  post-xw19.jpg

The first barrel’s full and no problems.  Looks like the X-Workhorse is good at least up to 473 lbs.

To get the second barrel to sit stably on top of the first we laid a couple of pieces of scrap 1″ square tubing on top.  (The tubing weighed 3 lbs. total.)  We had to use a step ladder to get the hose into the top barrel.  At this point the rig started looking quite intimidating and we were began to wonder how bad the barrels would damage the concrete underneath should the X-Workhorse fail.  Failure seemed like a realistic possibility considering that we intended to overload the table by at least 25%.

post-xw20.jpg  post-xw21.jpg  post-xw22.jpg

We decided to stay back as the second barrel began to fill.  900+ lbs. hurts when it falls on you.

After what seemed like forever, we saw water running out the top of the second barrel.  Wow!  Almost 200 lbs. over the 750 lb. advertised limit and the X-Workhorse is still holding strong.


We couldn’t help but wonder if maybe X-Workhorse relied too heavily on its shape (vs. material strength) to hold this massive weight, so we tried poking at it with a (very long) 2×4 to see if it’d crumple.  No luck.  Finally we even took a few good (6’+) swings at it.  Nope.  Solid as can be.  It is possible to cause a bit of twisting motion by pushing hard on the X-Workhorse’s legs, but really this would be the equivalent of knocking it over, not causing the table to fail. 

So, we gave in and (very carefully) siphoned out the water.  Afterwards, the X-Workhorse was still as strong as before and ready for work.  It even handled getting wet quite well as the aluminum doesn’t corrode easily and the plastic just wipes dry.

Read on to page 3 for our conclusions.

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28 Responses to Hands-On: We Put 946.5 lbs. on Husky’s X-Workhorse

  1. Rick says:

    Come on guys… “xx” tall and xx” x xx” wide.” couldn’t be bothered to measure?


  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Rick: You totally busted me. I decided to add the dimensions as I was adding photos to the post and then I forgot to go back and replace them. Doh! They’re in there now.

    Good eye!

  3. PeterP says:

    Nice review. Seems like a good product. If only you knew someone with a big hydraulic press to really destruction test it… 🙂


  4. Rob says:

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to get one or two of these but nothing has come up. Now I might just have to get them anyway. Nice review. I had to laugh when I read your testing technique, reminds me of an episode of Jackass.

  5. Rob says:

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to get one or two of these but nothing has come up. Now I might just have to get them anyway. Nice review. I had to laugh when I read your testing technique, you really are hurting for some of those ‘Doh!’ entries.

  6. Karla Hazen says:

    Loved the Article – it truly is a Superior product! Keter Plastic Ltd./Home Design Products is actually the manufacturer and designer of this product! We also produce and sell to The Home Depot other consumer plastic products like Garage Shelving, Cabinets, Totes, Tool Boxes, Outdoor products, etc. Hurry in to Home Depot and get your’s today! (Vice President Sales – HDP/Keter)

  7. PaulS. says:

    This product looks like it will work okay on a solid level surface but what if the surface is sloped or uneven? Is there any kind of leveling adjustment built into the feet?

  8. Chuck Cage says:

    PaulS: That’s a great question. Some of the other reviews we saw on the web mentioned that one of the feet adjusts to help level the table, but ours didn’t seem to want to move. We think they’re talking about the red part of the feel (visibile in one of the photos in the post above). They do rotate a little bit around their center mounts.

    FWIW, it was pretty stable on our slightly-sloped shop floor, and we had pretty good luck with it in the yard — a good test considering that that’s where it might end up with building contractors using it. However, we’d be a little concerned about using it on a really unstable surface like big cobblestone or the like.

  9. Fletcher says:

    Excellent review. Saw one of these at the Big Box and wondered if it lived up to the packagings claims.

  10. William Braun says:

    Can’t find this item anywhere! How can a person get one?!?!?!?

  11. Mike Miller says:

    Hi William
    Keter -fortools used to make them for a UK company called B&Q -a large diy chain.
    I’ve been trying to get them too as I have a pair but they are getting a bit old. If you find them let me know!!

  12. Edlord L. says:

    It would be nice to have different height versions for taller people. It would save on the backaches.

  13. Larry B says:

    What retail store sell the Husky Workhorse? Thanks Larry

  14. R.D. says:

    I just purchased one today at Home Depot. It was about $36 (including tax). It looks fantastic.

  15. Don Kearney says:

    Purchased two of these X-workhorses from Home Depot yesterday. When I got home and opened them up, I found neither of the workhorses would level. Even using the one leg that is supposed to allow you to level the workhorse it would not level the table. Only when I placed weight (about 50 lbs on it did it level out.

    What was really interesting was when I called the help number on the instruction panel cover on the workhorse top, Stanley Tools answered the line. They did not have a clue about the product. They said they were not the manufacture. They referred me to the Home Depot support number where I was told to take it back to the store for replacement.

    It does appear to be a good product, but before you take it home I suggest you open it up at the store to see if it will level.

  16. Mike Miller says:

    please-tell me you can get them in the uk?
    I would love to get some and think they would sell like hotcakes over here

  17. JOHN HARRISON says:


  18. Where can you buy this tool. If the comment by John H. is true why advertise it on DIY. If you can’t buy it in the US, it’s not cool!

  19. David says:

    I noticed that yours shows part of the legs as metal. The ones I’ve seen in Home Depot have plastic legs, no metal. Are these different or was the design changed?

  20. john harrison says:


    Where did you see the x-workhorse? I’m still looking for two.

  21. Daniel says:

    How come the ones on this page and the ones on the DIY network website have aluminum legs?? I went to go buy these after seeing them on DIY bought them brought them home and realized that they had black plastic legs? What gives?? I want the “mack-daddy” ones with the aluminum !! Where can I buy the ones with aluminum legs ?? All the Home Depots in my area carry the plastic legged ones… Help !! Anyone ? Anyone?

  22. Daniel says:

    The Home Depot Exclusively sells Husky products !!

  23. Byron says:

    Have one of the aluminum legged units I purchased a few years back, Really an excellent tool and I use it quite a bit. Needed another so picked one up at the local HD and didn’t notice the plastic legs. I’ll probably keep it, but it was a real disappointment. On a side by side test with a 60 pound load, the plastic legged unit is much less stable. Too bad, wouldn’t buy another one.

  24. Steven Luong says:

    I like this, where can I buy the aluminum legs one? I only found in Home Depot or Lowes the plastic ones, please help and email to me if you know any chance. PcRobotic@Yahoo.Com


    • Charlie says:

      I hate to have to say it, but the ‘good ones’ are gone. The new ones are all plastic and they are not as well built. They are much less sturdy. I should have taken them back…

  25. Mark says:

    I have the plastic leg units. I’m 260 and they are plenty stable when I stand on them. Show me another table for anywhere near the same price that can do that!

  26. Ray Sloane says:

    I need to buy two of these and get them shipped to the UK, but don’t seem to be able to find a seller that will do this…anybody have any ideas?

  27. Joe says:

    I really want to buy two of these and get them shipped to the UK, but don’t seem to be able to find a seller that will do this…anybody have any ideas?

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