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While you can lubricate a metal band saw with oil — or even use a flowing cooling fluid to keep it cool — that kind of moisture would collect sawdust and damage wood in woodworking applications,  Olson offers a “cool” alternative: small blocks made of graphite-impregnated phenolic laminate.  They lubricate the blade, but don’t leave it oily.

By reducing the heat from the metal-to-metal contact caused by using normal metal guide blocks, Cool Blocks help to reduce blade wear and breakage.  Also, because the blocks give more easily than their metal counterparts, they’re less likely to shear off damaged blade teeth when they pass through.

When we did some quick Googling to see what others thought about Cool Blocks we discovered that they’re at the top many heavy bandsaw users’ “first upgrade” lists.  They’re available all over the next starting at around $14-$16 — size and price varies slightly based upon your specific saw model — though you can pick them up at Rocker’s or other local stores as well if you’re too impatient for shipping.

Cool Blocks Bandsaw Blade Guide Blocks [Olson Saw]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


6 Responses to Finds: Olson’s “Cool Blocks” Bandsaw Blade Guides

  1. Bob Pociask says:

    Cool blocks are the easiest adn least expensive way to get great performance from a bandsaw. With tehm you can control how the blade tracks much better than the hard metalic guides most bandsaws include. You can also “bury” the blade in a block, which is really useful when using the narrowest blades (1/8″ or smaller)

    They make them for jsut about every bandsaw, including the odd Craftsamn angled block designs.

    My call : buy as soon as you buy a bandsaw – don’t wait!

  2. Darrell says:

    The square sectiion blocks can be rounded if need be. All you need is a block with 7.2 mm diagonal minimum. Of course, any round block diameter will be fine. The diamter should not be much greater than the saw’s width. but I am having no success at all buying these on the net. One electronics repairman here in New Zealand, and a good one too, believes that clerks in the U.S. do not WANT to help you (offerihg a terrific opporunity to firms that will just be helpful).

    Darrell Wright
    35 Kempton Street
    New Zealand VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS: dwright3@xtra.co.nz

  3. tony archilla says:

    where can i get the guide holders for the blocks.
    opening for guide ….size is a rectangle 1/4 x 1/2 x 2 inches long

  4. Chris says:

    These are very popular snake oil bandsaw “upgrade” They address a problem that does not exist and makes your saw track poorly and remove $16.00 in the process.

  5. Curtis Crabtree says:

    I have a 9″ Delta bandsaw. Do you have cool blocks to fit this?

  6. anthony murray says:

    looking for a weed guide for 36 inches Bandsaw the name of the saw is CRESCENT can you contact me at 786 333 2834 Anthony WITH ACM CUSTOM

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