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post-hoodholder.jpgIf you’ve ever had a car with those great pneumatic struts that hold the hood up, you’ll know that they’re great — right up until they wear out and the hood slowly drops while you’re under the hood, positioning itself just perfect to whang you in the back of the head when you stand up.

The guys at the quick-lube place have the right idea.  They see lots of rattletrap crapheaps every day, so they come prepared with a telescopic hood holder.

Sure, all your cars are in great condition so you don’t need one, right?  Wrong.  If you’re a car guy — a real car guy — all your friends know it.  And they’re going to bring their cars to you. 

So there you are in your driveway full of perfect cars, peering under the hood of your buddy’s heap trying to figure out what he did to it this time — and BAM! — you get clobbered with the hood.

Or you can just skip all the pain and pick up one of these for around $20.  It’s a spring-loaded telescopic tube with rubber “feet” on both ends to keep you from putting expensive dents in your hood.  Expand it to length and you’re good to go.

Street Pricing: Telescopic Hood Holders [Froogle]

Note: I guess this is turning out to be kind of an ‘automotive day’ here at Toolmonger.  It wasn’t on purpose, so I guess our heads were just down in the garage today.  We promise to find some woodworking tools or the like tomorrow.


One Response to Finds: Telescopic Hood Holders

  1. Toolaremia says:

    While these will do the job in a pinch, I’ve always thought they are a poor substitute for replacing the struts. They are relatively cheap, readily available, and very easy to replace. When I’m looking at a used car, it’s a major black mark if the hood won’t stay up. If the owner can’t be bothered with such simple maintenance, what else have they neglected?

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