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Here’s an idea we wish we’d thought of:  It’s a simple device that slips over a 5″, 7″, or 10″ locking tool — read Vise Grip or similar — and turns it into a handy vise.  It’s essentially a C-clamp (with a standard swivel pad and butterfly screw) with a holder for the locking tool.  Clamp it to your workbench (or whatever), insert the pliers, and you’re ready to go.

Grip-on also offers a “hands-free kit” which they call “your mobile workstation.”  It takes the idea pictured above a step further by attaching the C-clamp mechanism directly to the locking pliers themselves to unify the whole mess into a single tool.  Not bad, but we chose to write about the ‘holder because we figure that you already have (like we do) a ton of locking pliers around the shop.

Note: It’s frustrating that Grip-on has (apparently on purpose) designed their site so that we can’t link you directly to the product.  So, to get to it you’ll need to click on the link below then click on “English” (or the language of your choice), then click on “New Products” at the top.  It’s about midway down the list.

Frustrating-Can’t-Link-Directly-to-the-Product-Website [Grip-on]


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