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Toolmongers Top 5We’ve had a busy week here testing tools for upcoming “hands-on” posts, but in the meantime we’ve found quite a few interesting gems to pass on.  If you’ve been busy as well and haven’t had the chance to keep up with Toolmonger, we suggest you start with these posts:

Finds: Snap-on’s Adjustable Crowfoot Wrench
This is an idea we wish we’d thought of years ago — so we’d have already had one in our toolbox.  It’s just like a standard crowfoot wrench set, but adjustable.  ‘Nuff said.  Well, maybe not: Check out this post’s comments for some other options other readers found.

How-To: Build a Dart Board Surround to Save Your Wall
Fess up.  You’ve done it, too.  You’ve missed the dart board — probably more than once — and you’ve made Swiss cheese of the wall.  In this post we show you how to build a cool framed, felt-covered surround to protect your wall — and look good in the process.  It’s an easy build that cost around $50 in materials.  We also included 40+ pictures to help you along.

Preview: Bosch’s Digital Heat Gun
When we first saw this we thought, “Who needs this kind of range and accuracy in a heat gun?”  But after a few moments it became apparent: we do.  This heat gun has a digital display and offers temperature settings from 120 degrees to 1200 degrees (F) in 10 degree increments.  The low-temp part is probably the most exciting as it opens up all kinds of applications like furniture finish stripping and surface mount component desoldering.  No more flicking the gun on and off repeatedly to regulate temperature!

Finds: Micro Clamp 2000
These itty-bitty clamps pull your, um, you know, out of the fire when you need to hold something down in a tight space.  They put out a surprising amount of force for their size, and they’re cheap to boot.  Readers responded with some other great examples of small, cheap clamping options in comments.

Finds: Bosch’s “Dimpler” Drywall Screw Setter
It’s easy to drive drywall screws too deep, creating a nasty mess when it comes time to finish the job.  This simple little bit tool has a built in clutch that keeps you from over-driving drywall screws.  It sinks ’em to the perfect depth every time.  Of course, there are some other ways of doing this as you’ll see in comments.

Also, if you happened to miss it, check out our first comic: The LaserMax 9000.  We’re debating whether to add more of these from time to time going forward, so let us know what you think.

Next Week

We’ve got a couple of cool “hands-on” posts coming your way as well as some additional video content.  Rock on!


2 Responses to Toolmonger’s Top 5: The Week in Tools

  1. PeterP says:

    Sounds like a promising week. When are you guys going to get into the merchandising business? A Toolmonger banner for my garage would be sweet.

  2. Jason says:

    Regarding the LaserMax comic: I think the lower panel could have stood by itself. Also, I would have gone with “Warning: Lasers may cause eye damage — do not look at saw while operating”.

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